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All SoftWoehr Free Software and Open Source Software packages are provided Without Warranty of Any Kind per the appropriate open source and or free software license associated with the particular package, either BSD-style or GPL.



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Java Class Libraries for z/VM

PigIron is an open source Java class library which implements the client side of the IBM © z/VM © Virtual Machine Operating System's Systems Management Application Programming Interface (called VSMAPI in PigIron documentation). PigIron can be called from Java, Open ObjectRexx, FIJI and Ublu, among others.

Download PigIron from SourceForge
Candlespace by NASA Marshall Space Flight Centerublu
Ublu Midrange and Mainframe Life Cycle Extension Language is an interpretive language for remote systems programming of midrange or mainframe hosts from a Java platform such as Linux, Mac, OpenBSD or Windows. Ublu is already at version 1.0 and is being released as Open Source Software now under the BSD-2 license. Ublu communicates with IBM i © i via JTOpen and with IBM z/VM © hosts via z/VM System Management API (SMAPI) via PigIron.
Download Ublu from GitHub
FIJI ForthIsh Java Interpreter Written in Java and with full GPL'ed source, FIJI runs either at a command line or in an AWT window. FIJI accepts a syntax akin to the Forth programming language and uses a reference stack to push and pop all params. You can create Java objects and call methods on them from the FIJI stack. FIJI has been tested on Linux Blackdown JVM 1.1.7a, VM/ESA JVM 1.1.4, and Windows/Sun/Oracle JVM 1.2 - 1.8.
Download FIJI from SourceForge

BuildAnt BuildAnt is an m4 macro tool for building scripts to use in conjunction with Apache Ant projects. Download BuildAnt

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